Anti-Ligature Windows Installed at NHS Trust

  • Client: Oak Tree Barnet Limited, High Barnet.
  • Trust: Barnet, Enfield & Haringey Mental Health Trust.
  • Architect: Brill Owen Architects, London.
  • Consultant: Andy Johnson Associates.



Pensher Skytech was approached by specialist mental health consultant Andy Johnson Associates, who had a requirement for anti-ligature window units for utilisation within The Oak Tree Barnet eating disorder clinic in North London.

The performance requirements called for a specialist anti-ligature solution, offering not only access to natural ventilation, but a solution maximising the passage of natural light was essential. Increasing the amount of natural light and ventilation the resident has access to can help align their circadian rhythms, which can help with sleep and reduce anxiety, as well as helping with appetite and mood, all of which can contribute to a patient’s recovery.


Moving away from clinical artificial lighting and ventilation systems can encourage patients to connect with the outside world and nature.

‘Daylight has been proven to increase both patient’s and staff’s productivity and comfort, which is why we always aim to design our windows to allow through as much natural light as possible within the safety regulations of anti-ligature windows. We are really pleased with the project, and really enjoyed working with Oaktree Barnet,’ said Pensher Skytech’s Commercial Manager, John Richardson.




The Pensher Skytech Lite window unit with its narrow sightlines and the unique frameless external sliding vent was selected by the client as being the perfect solution to meet all of these performance requirements. The external visual appearance of the window units presented a far softer and more domesticated aesthetic, adding to the welcoming look of the building.

The addition of the Pensher Skytech unique locking mechanism offered the residents the freedom to lock the external sliding vent in any position. Our aim is always to create a product that encourages patient recovery. By giving the patient some control, they are encouraged to feel more comfortable and have some responsibility, straying away from the old fashioned view of ‘institutionalisation.’

Nicu Fainarea from The Trust commented ‘The Pensher Skytech Lite window unit was the perfect choice of solution to meet all of our bespoke requirements, and the Skytech installation team were brilliant, we will be working with Pensher Skytech again’.



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