Blast resistant doors, windows and curtain walling are essential in protecting life, assets and infrastructure from the threat of potential intentional and accidental blast attacks. Blast resistant protective measures including blast doors and blast proof glazing must be integrated within the architectural design of buildings to provide a space that is prepared for potential blast attacks.

Pensher Skytech design and manufacture counter-terrorism products. These should be undertaken on buildings where a ‘bomb blast’ attack is a potential threat. It is important to fully assess the risks of your environment, as there are varying levels of a bomb attack. They can all pose a risk to life but the impact of the blast can differ significantly.

Explosions cause pressure waves which can propagate for great distances, affecting not only the targeting building but the entire surrounding area. Significant damage can be caused to buildings which do not have blast resistant units; shattered glass and other debris from windows and doors can pose a significant threat to life.