Security Industry Round Up – March 2017

The latest edition of Pensher Skytech’s industry round-up will ensure you are up to speed with the latest in security, asset protection, and safety in demanding environments.

March’s industry round-up looks at the proposed improvements for airport security, the Eiffel Tower installing bullet-proof glass, prison modernisation, and what the future of healthcare safety will look like.


Investments in Airport Security

There has recently been a drive in airport security to improve their services. This is not just due to unrest in many parts of the world, but more passengers, growing air traffic, and the need for a seamless passenger travel experience.

The Middle East currently has one of the fastest growing aviation sectors in the world, and are at the forefront of driving investment into airport security, which should lead to improvements worldwide.


A report published by Counter Terror Business claims that, ‘the number of alerts has increased in the last two years.’ Global Market Insights supports this information stating that the airport security market is set to exceed USD 12.8 billion by 2023. This suggests that there is a current need to meet this expectation through security reforms and major investment towards aviation security.

Mohammed Ahli, Director General from Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) has said, ‘aviation security is not, and should not be, of a transit nature, but a constantly evolving requirement.’



Eiffel Tower to Get Bullet-proof Glass

One of the world’s most famous landmarks is to undergo a major change in response to continuous terrorist threats. A bullet-proof glass wall will be built around its base as part of a security plan to provide extra protection against attacks.

According to Parisian authorities, the wall is to be built on the northern and eastern sides of the 324-metre landmark and will be eight-feet high (2.5 metres). They are to replace the ‘inelegant’ temporary metal barriers that were set up last year during 2016’s Euro football tournament.

Deputy mayor Jean-Francois Martins told a news conference, ‘The terror threat remains high in Paris, and the most vulnerable sites, starting with the Eiffel Tower, must be the object of special security measures. The glass walls will prevent individuals or vehicles storming the site, which is visited by six million people a year’.


Plans Unveiled to Build New Modern Prisons

Justice Secretary Elizabeth Truss has unveiled plans to build four new prisons in England and Wales. The project is proposed on the back of the government’s commitment to reduce overcrowding and to create the right conditions for reform. They are hoping to create up to 10,000 modern places by 2020.

The announcement builds on aims to improve safety in prisons and encourage offender’s reintegration. Truss said, ‘We cannot hope to reduce re-offending until we build prisons that are places of reform where hard work and self-improvement flourish.


Outdated prisons with dark corridors and cramped conditions, will not help offenders turn their back on crime – nor do they provide our professional and dedicated prison officers with the right tools or environment to do their job effectively.’

By creating new prison estates that aim to improve safety, encourage reform, and improve the working conditions of officers, the old and inefficient prisons will be closed. The reorganisation will be supported by the Prisons and Courts Bill, which will set out a new framework and clear system of accountability for prisons.



Lack of Safety in Mental Health Facilities.

A recent report has shown that there is a rising number of children and young adults with mental health needs being left in police cells, on adult wards, or moved to inpatient care out of their local area.

According to the Education Policy Institute (EPI), some UK mental health services are only able to offer care to those in desperate need during office hours. In addition, it has been noted that A&E departments often lack specialist expertise to help children suffering from mental health problems. This has resulted in young people ending up in police cells due to a poorly coordinated crisis response.


This suggests that more needs to be done to improve the conditions and available facilities for those suffering from mental health problems.

A new mental health unit in the Isle of Man is already working hard to combat this. The newly-built £7.2m facility has been built to the latest standards with safety as its number one focus.

Paul Hurst, clinical general manager for Manannan Court said safety was the number one priority ‘then security, privacy and dignity, access to natural light and outdoor space.’

The UK will need to invest in building its own facilities like that of Manannan Court if they hope to improve their mental health facilities. However, according to inews, ‘Almost three quarters of CCGs failed to meet NHS England’s benchmark for improving services.’



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