New Powder Coating Facility Installed

Pensher Skytech has completed the installation of a powder coating facility at its manufacturing site in Cramlington. Powder coating is a frequent request as it is usually used in harsh environments. The facility ensures Pensher Skytech has full control over quality and will improve lead times, costs, and efficiency on future projects.



The powder coating facility offers architectural quality finishes on metal fabrications and components. The system had been developed to protect against aggressive environments and high marine salinity (salt), and is therefore ideal for the marine industry.

Pensher Skytech’s Technical Manager, Derek Quinn, said: ‘We have opted to use Interpon Powders from Akzo Nobel to help reduce environmental impact, and have also used their excellent anti-corrosion system ‘Extra Life’. Many of our doors and glazing systems are fitted in harsh climatic and industrial areas, the ‘Extra Life’ system offers a range of solutions and protection to cover a variety of environmental classifications’.

Incorporating the latest primers such as anti-corrosion primer, Interpon PZ790, together with architectural top grade coats, these coatings are specially designed for the architectural, construction, and engineering industry.

Powder coatings are inherently environmentally friendly as they contain no solvents; the grades used by Pensher Skytech are also free from lead chromate pigments and TGIC, thus reducing environmental and health impact even further.



John Hamilton, Renown Group’s Managing Director, said: ‘We are delighted to have this new facility. It will definitely improve our performance as a company as we can now offer enhanced quality and quicker delivery times. We can control the quality of the finish on our doors, screens, and any other products which require a smooth, durable, and hardwearing finish.’

The colours available are from the RAL range, most of which are offered in four gloss levels.

Pensher Skytech is eager to start using the powder coating facility and look forward to seeing how much it will improve our services to our clients.

Get in touch if you want to know more about our Powder Coating Facilities. 

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