Security Industry Roundup: April 2017

Security Industry RoundupApril 2017 (1)

Pensher Skytech’s April edition of our monthly industry roundup is here. We provide you with the biggest stories in security and asset protection.

April’s edition looks at improvements being made to airports, the use of robotics in security, the fire at Manchester Christie hospital, and the latest in counter-terror measures.


Stansted Airport Receives Planning Approval

Stansted Airport has been granted planning approval for a new £130m arrivals terminal. The airport is part of Manchester Airports Group’s development plan to support future growth.

Designed by architects, Pascall+Watson, the proposed 34,000m2 building is to be a modern, state-of-the-art facility for arrivals and departures. The aim is to create a spacious area with a sky-lit roof, which will create a high-quality passenger experience.



The building will have an enhanced immigration and baggage reclaim area, and therefore will need to have an abundance of security measures and products in place in case of particular threats such as explosive attacks, gunfire, and fires, in order to protect the millions of people passing through Stansted Airport every year.

There have been many significant airport upgrade announcements in April, with Memphis Airport announcing a refurbishment and modernisation plan, and Leeds Bradford Airport announcing an extension to its departure lounge.



The Use of Robotics in Security

Today’s businesses are always looking to technology to improve their security systems, such as video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems. However, there is evidence that new technology is emerging that is automating mundane security tasks and potentially dangerous jobs.

Security expo’s such as Unmanned Security Expo has shown that the technology to create robotic security systems has matured and gained traction quicker than expected. Robotic Assistant Devices (RAD) has developed an autonomous unmanned ground vehicle – the SMP Robotics S5 Security Guard.

The robot security guard possesses the capability to use video management software, as well as recognise human and vehicle identification.


Another company also offering a robotic security guard is Gamma 2 Robotic with its RAMSEE unit. CEO Lew Pincus, believes that robotics present ‘the biggest new, disruptive technology to come along in decades that could literally transform the industry.’

Though this is quite a leap in the security industry, and seemingly like something from a sci-fi movie, the robots cannot yet be bought directly yet, showing that there is still some progress to be made.


Fire at the Manchester Christie Hospital

A large fire broke out at the Christie NHS Hospital in Manchester last week. It is believed that the fire was started on the roof of the building, and it took 16 fire crews to tackle the blaze. All staff and patients were evacuated and everyone was deemed safe.

It is incredibly important to ensure that buildings with a significant amount of people inside have the proper safety precautions in place. Fire resistant doors, windows, and curtain walling are essential in slowing down the fire, for even up to 2 hours. This gives people plenty of time to escape, as well as minimising fire damage, both of which are essential in areas such as a hospital.



Latest in Counter Terror Measures

Tim Compston, Guest Features Writer for one of our favourite security news sites – Security News Desk, has written an article about the recent terrorist attacks and the implications it has had on public safety.

We are all aware of the high-levels of threat and tension that is currently felt throughout the world. With public and high-volume areas in a state of alert, it is time to look at what anti-terrorism measures can be put in place to help ease the problem.

Tim talks about the current trends in terrorist attacks, such as targeting public transport, and the use of vehicles. He mentions about the importance of getting the balance right between being prepared, but not being on constant high-alert, which can affect your business, commerce, and can lead to complacency.


Security and Counter Terror Expo

The annual Security and Counter Terror Expo will be taking place next month. It is the UK’s leading national security event, which showcases new products, technologies, intelligence, and capabilities that are working to keep the nation and its assets safe.

The event brings together over 10,000 security professionals from a range of industries, including government, military, law enforcement, emergency services, as well as transport and border security.

The event will take place in Olympia, London on the 3rd – 4th May.



And that is the latest in security and asset protection for April 2017. Visit us again in a month’s time, where we will be providing you with another roundup in the industry.

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